Welcome to the Telecom Information Desk

You are a Company?

Your Company wishes to upgrade its telecommunicaiton & network offer. You are about to move and you want to know what are the available bandwidths ?
You want to know what are the nearest available telecommunication infrastructures from your premises and the associated Operators?
The Guichet d'Information Télécom allows you to directly ask Operators and telecommunication providers.
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You represent an Operator/telecommunication service provider?

The Guichet d'Information Télécom provides a service that allows you to identify new prospects' needs.
By filling an information form you publish to user Companies your service offers.
Receive requests pertaining to your offers from Companies and send back proposal.
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You represent a local government?

Eager to answer to the needs of the economic actors within you territory, the Guichet d'Information Télécom allows you to show the telecommunication and network offer in your region while incitating new investors to establish within. Find more about the complete list of the benefits provided by the GIT to local governments.